Sage One for accountants and bookkeepers

Sage One is a simple, online accounting software solution that will give your clients an easy way to manage finances and give you fast access to the statements you need. Give your clients a flexible way to create and track invoices, expenses, reports and more. Access real-time data and provide value services to your clients.


Get real-time reports anytime

Access financial statements and reports in Sage One with a simple click. Viewing financials in real-time makes it easy to collaborate with clients and share advice.


Bank integration reduces errors

Sage One integrates with more than 12,000 financial institutions. Clients save time by not having to enter data, which in turn helps you by reducing errors.


Supports GAAP compliance

Sage One is a true double-entry accounting system that supports GAAP compliance and makes it easy for your clients to get their numbers right.


A value-added service for clients

You can setup clients on Sage One as a value-added service or for a fee and connect to their data seamlessly and efficiently. Give clients a simple way to enter financial data you can then access to provide valuable advice.


One login, multiple clients

Connecting with your Sage One clients is easy and fast so you can maximize your time. One login gives you access to multiple clients for a fast and efficient workflow.


Sage One training for your clients

FocalPoint Business Solutions can work with you to deliver training sessions and resources for clients so you can focus on the financials and leave the software training to the experts.